Janice S.

I wanted to take a moment out of my busy life to say a genuine Thank You! I know that people do not get thanked enough – even when its their job.

Life has been crazy the last few weeks with the holidays, purchasing a new home, renting our old home and just life in general. Your agents have been phenomenal with dealing with me. Never once did they not return a phone call, or an e-mail. Not once did they drop the ball or not get me an answer to my questions. Not once did they answer a question that they had someone even more knowledgeable in the office to answer. I never felt that I was being passed around – I felt valued and cared for.

I know how hard it is to come by amazing and friendly service (especially in insurance). My current agent (even though I sent all the paperwork they needed under the sun) has yet to get back to me! One of her associates e-mailed me yesterday (4 days after the closing of my home) inquiring about paperwork to even send me a quote. My last e-mail to the company was January 10th, 2014. I had also called my agent that week to get quotes on my property that was now going to be a rental. I only hear crickets. I understand people get busy, but a full week without getting back to someone via e-mail or phone? I was done.

I am so glad that I made that first phone call to see that DTRT had to offer and had Sari pick up. Her helpfulness as well as Maria’s (auto) and Deli’s have always made me feel comfortable with my decision and gave me options should I feel the need to change down the road.

So Thank You DTRT and please keep Doing The Right Thing!