Retail Insurance

Your retail business caters to the needs of everyone else. DTRT Insurance caters to your need.

Owning a business is one of the biggest responsibilities in your life. You’ve taken a risk and opened a retail business here in Florida, and for that, we thank you. You actively contribute to the economy here in the Sunshine State and make this a great place to call home.

We want to thank you. How? By offering you the protection you need to best protect your retail business. At DTRT Insurance, we focus on you. Our clients are our pride, and insurance is our passion. When you combine the two, you get one amazing thing: personalized, comprehensive protection.

You may be wondering what makes retail insurance different from your Business Owners Policy (BOP). Since the scope of your business is unique in its products and services, the liability protection you need should match that.

We can help.

With an insurance policy from DTRT Insurance for your retail business, you may choose from:

    • Property Coverage: For all of the buildings, structures, any property in transit and the inventory within your retail building.
    • General Liability Coverage: With comprehensive limits customized to match the scope of protection you require.
    • Loss of Income: Protection in the event you must close your retail business as a result of an insured loss.
    • Equipment Breakdown: Coverage for any damage to your property that may be caused by mechanical breakdown.
    • Workers Compensation: Protection for all of your employees, compliant with the standards set forth by Florida. This will protect not just your employees, but you, too, from any claims as a result of injury or illness.

If your business is distributing or selling products, you know how expensive it can be in the event of a loss. We don’t want that to happen to you. Let our insurance professionals assess your needs and give you the choices you need to manage your risks. We’ll answer all of your questions now… and always. To get started, give us a call at 954-772-8232, or simply fill out the quote form right here on this page.

A partnership with DTRT Insurance is a commitment. And we cannot wait to commit to you!