4 Tips for Finding Insurance for a Growing Business

Congratulations, your business is growing! Now that your business dreams are becoming reality, it’s important to protect your work by finding the best Florida business insurance at the best value. Check out these tips when your business needs Florida insurance.

4 Tips for Finding Insurance for a Growing Business

Find a Licensed Florida Business Insurance Provider

First, make sure the insurance company you select to protect your company is licensed and authorized to do business either with Florida residents or in Florida itself. Check the state’s website for tools that allow you to search for whether a company is licensed in Florida. If a provider is not licensed in Florida, find an experienced company who is.

Check the Florida Insurance Company Ratings

There are four major financial companies that rate insurance providers: A.M. Best, Fitch, Moody’s, and Standard & Poor’s. These independent agencies work to help business owners make the best insurance choices for them. Check their websites for tools that allow you to view ratings of any company you are considering for business insurance.

Talk With the Insurance Companies You’re Considering

There are several types of insurance your business may need depending on its product or service, size, and other determining factors. Ask for advice and expertise from the providers you have chosen to consider. Decide whether the companies you speak with are dedicated to quality customer service, excellent guidance, and reasonable pricing.

Select a Reputable Insurance Agency

When you’ve done the legwork, choose the provider you have determined best fits your needs. Allow them to guide you through the application process. Applications for business insurance can be complex, so ask your selected agent to assist you with making sure your application is complete.

It’s easy to choose a licensed, highly-rated, customer-forward insurance provider for your growing business in Florida. Call our experts at DTRT Insurance Group today for a quote. We do the right thing for you and your business!

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