Life Insurance

You can’t predict the future… And you won’t need to with our policy.

In the mid 1960s, the Rolling Stones were known for saying: “What a drag it is getting old.” But is it really? Around here, we like to think that the older the wiser, and that getting older—saving money, seeing kids grow up, etc.—is actually a blessing. However, if you’re not prepared for the unexpected, then it may become a drag. We don’t want that to happen for you or your employees. Let us show you what life insurance can do for individuals and businesses.

Admittedly, life insurance is not a popular topic. People are turned off by it because of its morbid content. It’s a sensitive thing to talk about with your spouse, which makes perfect sense. However, sometimes the difficult things to talk about are the most important — both for individuals and businesses.

We want you to think about life insurance as an investment, because that’s essentially what it is. When you put money into a life insurance policy, you get money back. It normally kicks in when you pass away. Your life insurance can be there to take care of some of the financial issues that may incur in the aftermath. Normally, things such as funeral costs and unpaid debts can be covered under your life insurance. But, of course, your family can use the money in any way they want.

If you’re a Florida business owner also looking to offer life insurance to your company, we can help you with that as well. DTRT Insurance does the shopping for you. We have relationships with multiple carriers. We will assess your company’s needs and find options that will help you show your employees you care about them and their families’ future.

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