Home Insurance Rate Comparison: Getting the Best Deals in Florida

Getting the most out of your Florida home insurance means comparing rates, customizing your coverage, and understanding what your policy entails. At DTRT Insurance Group, with multiple locations throughout Florida, we offer home insurance policies for single-family dwellings, apartments, and condos, and we can personalize your plan, too.

Getting the Best Deal on Your Florida Home Insurance

Since all insurance policies are different, it helps to know what’s covered under most standard insurance and what additional coverage you can opt for. You don’t want to be paying for coverage that you don’t need, which is why we offer customized plans and can give you a breakdown of exactly what your insurance entails.

While some damage to the structure of your home might be included in standard insurance, other things are not. Flood insurance is a separate item. Since Florida experiences extreme weather, it’s a good idea to shield your home against flooding, especially if you live closer to the coast. We can review your options with you in more detail.

Understanding Coverage

In addition to understanding what’s covered under the structural damage portion of your insurance, we can also help shed some light on how to recover losses for personal assets, like furniture, in the event of an issue. If you need to live elsewhere while your home is being repaired, some insurance covers that, too.

Smart, Affordable Insurance

Ideally, you want to strike the right balance between buying what policy items you need and supplemental insurance if your home is prone to flooding or other damages and not paying for what you don’t. That’s where customized insurance plans come in, allowing you to be fully in control. Contact DTRT Insurance Group in Deerfield Beach, Coral Springs, Key Largo, and Homestead at 954-772-8232 to save money on your home insurance today.

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