How Can I Protect My Home Against Flood Risks in Florida?

In Florida, flooding is a coast-to-coast risk that affects thousands of homes each year. To protect your property against floods and water damage, start by finding out what your local risk levels are and then put in place protective measures. It’s also advisable to buy specialized flood insurance as this may not be included in your regular home insurance policy.

How Can I Protect My Home Against Flood Risks in Florida?

To mitigate potential flood damage, elevate electrical systems and appliances, such as water heaters and heating units, above the expected flood level to prevent electrical hazards. Install check valves in your sewer lines to prevent water from backing up into your drains. Additionally, fortify your foundation with waterproof sealants and store your most valuable possessions above potential flood levels.

Construct barriers, like berms or retaining walls, to redirect water away from your property. Grade your yard away from the foundation and use native plants that can absorb excess water. Finally, inspect and maintain your sump pump at least once a year to ensure it functions optimally in diverting water away from your home.

Get the Right Kind of Flood Insurance 

Insurance for floods is not automatically included in standard home insurance policies, so you need to purchase it separately. A flood policy provides coverage for the physical damage inflicted on your building or personal property directly resulting from a flood. This insurance protects you from damage caused by hurricanes, rivers, and tidal waters.

The extent and type of coverage are influenced by factors such as your home’s location and flood zone, its design and age, and its elevation. These considerations determine the price and terms and conditions of your insurance policy.

Before you purchase a flood policy, speak to an insurance agent. They can help you assess your greatest risks and evaluate policies to make sure you’re optimally covered. Reach out to us at DTRT Insurance to get your quotes now. We look forward to helping you protect your home and reduce your financial risk. 

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