Three Reasons to Get Flood Insurance if You Live in Florida

Flooding of any degree can cause significant damage to your home, which is why flood insurance is so important, especially if you live in Florida. Adding this layer of protection to your home insurance policy will ensure that regardless of what causes the flood in your home, you’ll be covered and provided with the resources required to make repairs as quickly as possible without completely draining your budget.

Three Reasons to Get Flood Insurance If You Live in Florida

1. Hurricane Season

Florida hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30. This annual occurrence can bring heavy rains and aggressive storms, resulting in serious flooding and home damage. If you live in Florida, hurricane season will affect your home at some point. If you have the right insurance policy, you’ll never have to worry about covering the cost of any necessary repairs on your own.

2. Heavy Rainfall

In Florida, when it rains, it pours. Florida is known for torrential rain storms and receives some of the highest rainfall of any state in the country. With that in mind, flooding is more than just a possibility, so you must have the right insurance policy to protect your home in the event that heavy rainfall leads to minor, moderate, or severe flood damage.

3. Unexpected Plumbing Malfunctions

Sometimes pipes burst due to storm damage or other conditions out of your control—flooding results from a burst pipe, which can affect your homes in different ways. The right home insurance policy can help you in the event of a plumbing malfunction that results in flooding and damage to your floors, walls, or even the home’s foundational layers.

If you live in Florida and need an insurance plan that can protect your home in the event of a flood, we can help. Contact us today at DTRT Insurance Group to find affordable, quality insurance plans and rate comparisons that will give you peace of mind no matter what the Florida weather brings.

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