What Does Small Business and Commercial Insurance Usually Cover?

When you’re running a business, there are plenty of things that can go wrong. When incidents occur, it’s important to be able to determine what your policy covers and what it doesn’t. Small business owners can count on DTRT Insurance Group to provide insurance education to help ease the stresses associated with understanding how small business insurance policies work to keep businesses safe. Here is a brief list of things that small business and commercial insurance policies usually cover.

Commercial Insurance Property Coverage

Small businesses rely on a wide array of assets such as tools, hardware, machinery, and more as they go about their daily operation. Small business insurance typically covers the replacement of these assets in the event of disasters or incidents such as fires or theft. Such policies can also partially cover any related building repairs.

General Liability Coverage

If a customer or employee is injured on business property, the business may be found liable for any associated medical bills or legal action. Fortunately, small business insurance offers general liability coverage that may help small businesses pay for the injured party’s medical bills as well as legal costs if the business is taken to court.

Business Interruption Coverage

If disasters such as fires or tornadoes occur, they can render a business’s facilities uninhabitable. Such incidents can cost a business significant amounts in lost income as well as any additional expenses associated with resolving the issue. Fortunately, small business insurance offers business interruption coverage to help replace the lost income and offset any additional expenses caused by a disaster.

As you can see, small business insurance covers a wide array of issues that can jeopardize your business. Reach out to DTRT Insurance Group by filling out the form on our website and provide your business with the coverage it deserves!

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