What Is General Liability Coverage for Florida Businesses?

All businesses in Florida should carry general liability insurance, also known as GL, to protect themselves. But what does Florida business insurance really do for you?

Protect Your Business From Property Damage Claims

The first thing that GL insurance does is protect you from property damage claims against your business. Whether you are working at a customer’s location or they are coming to you, it is possible that damage to their building, equipment, or even vehicles could occur, and you could be liable. If so, a customer could make a claim against your GL for repairs to their property.

Protect Your Business From Personal Injury Claims

Another common situation is personal injuries that occur inside your place of business when a client or customer is injured. These include accidents caused by your or your employees, as well as minor things like slips, trips, and falls that occur inadvertently. Whatever the cause of the injury might be, your GL will protect you and ensure that the injured party is able to seek treatment for their injuries as needed.

When Do You Need Florida Business Insurance?

Ideally, every Florida business should have GL coverage. Accidents can happen at any time, and even a seemingly small accident could cause a major financial burden for a business that is just getting off the ground. Most people would suggest getting quotes for GL well in advance and having a policy in place on day one, even if it is not statutory.

Ultimately, having proper insurance coverage is the best way to ensure that the business you are building is not brought down by accidents that take place at your place of work. To learn more about protecting yourself against major claims for property damage and personal injury, contact DTRT Insurance Group today and start exploring your options.

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