What Is Not Covered by Boat Insurance?

If you’re someone who loves the water, then you might have purchased a boat to enjoy on the ocean or favorite lake. However, as a boat owner, you must have boat insurance to cover the costs of accidents and certain other incidentals. But what isn’t covered by your insurance?

What Is Not Covered by Boat Insurance?

Saltwater Corrosion

Corrosion from saltwater is not covered by most insurance policies. This is because corrosion from saltwater is a common occurrence for boats that are often in the ocean. As a boat owner, you must protect your vessel from saltwater damage to reduce boat deterioration and other wear and tear.


Your insurance will not cover infestations, such as mold, termites, barnacles, or other animals. If the damage caused by these infestations makes it difficult to operate your boat, then you will need to cover the costs of repair out of pocket.

Marine Life Damage

Damage caused by marine life, such as whales, sharks, octopuses, and other marine creatures is also not covered. However, your insurance company may offer additional policies to cover damage caused by marine life.

Faulty Machinery

Your insurance policy will not cover faulty machinery, particularly machinery that needs to be replaced due to poor maintenance, defects, or deterioration. Machinery is only covered for repair or replacement if it is damaged by a peril that is covered in your insurance policy.

Unnamed Operators

Finally, the insurance for your boat won’t cover unnamed operators or people who are not included in your policy. This means any accidents that occur while an unnamed operator is driving the boat will not be covered by your insurance policy.

It’s important to understand what your insurance will cover so you can use the best methods to take care of your beloved boat. To learn more about insurance coverage for your boat, reach out to DTRT Insurance Group today.

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