What Is Typically Covered When You Insure Your Office Building?

Florida insurance policies can generally be customized to help small business owners have the best chance for success. For some small business owners, office insurance may be important coverage to have. Learn more about what is covered under an insurance policy for an office building and other insurance policies small business owners may want to consider.

What Is Typically Covered When You Insure Your Office Building?

Commercial property insurance is generally designed to protect the physical assets of a business. For an office building, this coverage will help small business owners recover from explosions, storms, and fires, with natural disasters like hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes being additional policies. Commercial property insurance will also offer recovery protection for theft and vandalism, particularly if equipment is stolen.

Sometimes, small business owners may be able to add coverage for equipment breakdown to commercial property insurance. This additional policy may be important since broken equipment can cause a direct financial loss for your business.

What Is Usually Not Covered By Office Insurance?

Insurance for an office building may not cover all potential perils. Issues such as insect damage from termites, damage from rodents or birds, and problems like rust and mold are typically not covered under commercial property insurance. Wear and tear on the building are also not covered by insurance policies.

What Other Florida Insurance Should Business Owners Consider?

In addition to commercial property insurance to protect an office building or location, small business owners may want to include additional insurance for more protection. Business income insurance can help business owners replace lost income, and general liability insurance can protect businesses from liability claims that may damage the business.

For small businesses, even the smallest damage to the physical assets of the business can set profits back. Commercial property insurance can protect small businesses with specific policies against physical damage. To learn more about the best insurance policies for small businesses, visit DTRT Insurance Group today.

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