Why Your Restaurant Needs Liability Insurance

From slips and falls to food illness claims, restaurants are particularly vulnerable to liability issues. Luckily, with restaurant insurance, small business owners can be protected from liability claims. Learn more about how Florida insurance can protect restaurant owners.

Why Your Restaurant Needs Liability Insurance

Restaurants need liability insurance to protect from claims against the restaurant, bar, food truck, or catering service. This insurance will help small businesses recover from claims that a restaurant caused bodily injury or property damage. Ultimately, with liability insurance, it’s easier for small businesses to keep operating.

What Is Covered By Florida Insurance?

Insurance policies for restaurants in Florida will cover many basic needs to protect restaurants from liability issues. Some of these policies can include workers’ compensation insurance, equipment breakdown coverage, business property insurance, commercial vehicle insurance, and food spoilage coverage. Some restaurants may also want to add data loss and identify left protection as well.

Product liability is a specific policy that is usually included in insurance coverage for restaurants. This policy will protect restaurants from claims about food-borne illnesses, something which is especially vital for small businesses that rely on word-of-mouth advertising to build a good reputation and steady customer base.

Does Restaurant Insurance Cover Liquor Liability?

While some insurance carriers for restaurants will offer liquor liability as part of the liability insurance package, there may be some carriers that treat liquor liability as a separate policy. In general, you will only need to have liquor liability insurance if your restaurant or bar sells alcohol. Businesses that do not sell liquor may not need to have this additional liability coverage and may be able to save money by removing this policy.

Small business owners who run restaurants or other food-serving establishments need to have liability insurance. Liability coverage for restaurants will help small businesses recover faster and continue operating. To learn more about the best insurance for restaurants in Florida, contact DTRT Insurance Group today.

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