Will Florida Car Insurance Cover Other Drivers Who May Borrow My Car?

Getting into a car accident is already a hassle, but getting into a wreck in someone else’s car can be even more complicated. Fortunately, Florida car insurance will usually cover multiple drivers. Learn more about how this special insurance rule can work in your favor if another driver was borrowing your vehicle and got into an accident.

Will Florida Car Insurance Cover Other Drivers Who May Borrow My Car?

In Florida, car insurance is designed to cover the vehicle first and the driver second, which essentially means that the insurance you have for your vehicle will apply to any driver who is operating the car. Florida’s no-fault car insurance laws can make it much easier for everyday people to recover damages from auto accidents.

How Insurance Verifies Other Drivers Are Covered

Insurance companies will need to verify that the other driver who is operating the vehicle meets certain eligibility requirements. In particular, as the vehicle owner, you will have to verify that the individual operating the vehicle had permission from you to borrow the car. Other factors that may influence whether other drivers are covered can include your level of auto insurance coverage, such as specific policies you have.

Highlights of Personal Injury Protection

The particular part of auto insurance coverage that will apply to other drivers who get into an accident while operating your vehicle is called personal injury protection. Personal injury protection will cover the vehicle owner, members of the vehicle owner’s household, passengers of the vehicle, and drivers who borrow the vehicle. Personal injury protection policies are mandated by Florida law and should be folded into general auto insurance coverage.

Personal injury protection policies will cover other drivers who borrow your vehicle because Florida insurance laws are designed to follow the automobile rather than the policyholder or vehicle owner. Reach out to DTRT Insurance Group today to compare car insurance quotes.

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